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People Counters

We can provide anything from manual counts through to fully automatic internet-hosted data collection and analysis. Our long experience in the retail industry has proved that detector location has a major impact on accuracy and performance, due to the variability of site conditions. Consequently we use a range of detectors which enables us to provide the most suitable solution for each store, taking into consideration the operating environment and putting the emphasis on delivering accurate, reliable and above all, consistent data.


Key Benefits

  • Customer traffic trends
  • Customer response to promotional advertising
  • Sales conversion ratios 
  • Sales per customer - compared across stores
  • Planning employee staffing for peak periods
  • How many customers visit your store?
  • How many customers DID NOT buy today?
  • What was your sales conversion ratio?
  • Which store location has good sales conversion?
  • Which location needs to improve? Why? 
  • Did people respond to the advertisements BUT not buy? Why?