Protecting profits.

We have one of the largest ranges of EAS systems and accessories available in the UK. So whatever your retail environment is you can be assured that we will have a pedestal design that will suit any environment


Market Sectors

Already used within a diverse range of retail markets including, fashion, DIY multimedia, supermarkets, pharmacies and opticians, EAS Tagging is one of the most popular forms of protecting your profits. Whether you are a large department store or an independent retailer, with our range of systems we will help you find the right solution, regardless of store size or technology required.

What We Offer

Investing in the right system to meet your needs and expectations is very important, that is why we work closely with our customers and future clients to ensure this process is achieved. We always undertake a full site appraisal so as to ensure you know what is going to be the most appropriate system to match your particular needs and available budgets. By offering this service not only enables us to assess the site, but also enables you the opportunity to ask any questions.



Losses from shoplifting in the United Kingdom are in the region of £4 billion annually and figures in excess of 5% of sales revenue being lost to shoplifting are not uncommon. So you are not alone in wanting to do something about it.


Finance Options

Buying capital equipment is often perceived as being expensive, however, we able to offer financial rental packages over 3 to 6 years as well as outright purchase options, but the tax advantages of rental is more beneficial to your business as renting our systems will enable you to free up any spare capital you might have.





Pragmatic offers a personal approach and a high degree of professionalism at the most competitive prices and Pragmatic is now the preferred suppliers of retail security tagging systems for The DeVere Group.


Helen Blackham

Retail Manager

The Belfry,Wishaw - July 2005